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Denise Roberson – Little Sistahs Wit Tudes

LoveI can blame all of this on my mother. When I started the 7th grade, she said, “It is time for you to make your own clothes.” So, she taught me how to sew. I was hooked. I loved making my own clothes. It gave me an over whelming sense of pride. My Mother and I spent a lot of time at fabric stores. I liked touching all the fabric, I still do.

Many years later she asked me to take a doll making class with her. I had no idea creating dolls would become my passion. I have taken classes, attend workshops, and read a lot of magazines and books on doll making.



I am often asked about what inspires me; A lot of ideas come to in the morning, as I make the transition from sleep to wakefulness. Some ideas are serendipity in action, the objects I use just happen to be on the table.

I believe in the power of women and some of by dolls are a celebration of women. Some are fairy tale like characters living in the forest with the animals.

tree-house-1My mother has passed away. I think some of my dolls would have her shaking her head, others would make her laugh and wonder,” What in the world is wrong with that girl?”

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Linnea Tobias – Painting

GratitiudeI like to take a close up view of the natural world, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. I create mixed media paintings inspired by my walks in nature. The birds, trees, plants, light and color that I see emerge later in the paintings I create. I am influenced by the plants and patterns in my garden, textiles, my family and my pets- bits and pieces of my everyday life combining them-selves in new forms.


4-SucculentsI paint on cradled panels using different combinations of acrylic paint, watercolor, spray paint, com-position gold leaf and collage. I paint intuitively, starting with a few things I have observed on my adventures- color, texture, a pattern, or a plant or an animal. At a certain point the painting starts leading the way. I only have to listen and follow along. A dialogue begins with the painting and it shows me the next steps to take.


Snowy-OwlI have painted for many years and I have also worked with oil, pastel, collage, ceramics, and jewelry. I have marketed my work through galleries, art fairs, and retail and wholesale shows. I have a BA in fine art from The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA, studied painting, art history and print-making at The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros, Greece, and graphic design and ceramics at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA.


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Cherylee Duncan – each1unique

pears-2-on-table-julia-child-16I am a mixed media artist whose creative urges have led me to many modes of expression. Time becomes a void when I am creating whether it be painting, carving my own stamps, designing my next rug, collecting images for collage, designing and creating individual greeting cards or experimenting with a new medium.


Oval RugI began crocheting rugs in 2008 using only recycled fabrics. It makes me feel like a pioneer to re-use something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Each rug develops a personality of it’s own, which is why I can’t resist giving each a title.



yupo-poppies-ii-16-1The beautiful threads and bits left from rug making are incorporated into my paintings to emulate some of what I find to be Nature’s own most interesting and inspiring artwork.


other-magnets-2-enjoy-lttl-things-bird-on-tree-6-16Someone once said, “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die” and this applies to me particularly when it comes to my art. Creating is what has always made me feel most connected and most alive in my life.


tree-memory-tree-sample-bkd-cld-11-16Recently I’ve begun making “Memory Trees” as a uniquely personalized gift for special events such as wedding, birth, anniversary or memorial to commemorate the special date, again with the influence of nature at the heart of it.



For more about my art, custom color rug orders and customized Memory Tree paintings, contact Cherylee:, 509-747-0867