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Summer Melass – Rainy Summer Designs


My name is Summer and I have been a Jewelry Designer, Teacher, Artist for about 21 years. I just love how jewelry can be such an expression of our own artistic interpretation, which like us can change daily. I hope you enjoy and that when you wear a piece of my art it makes you smile!

Summer creates a fresh, unique style of jewelry using natural stones, minerals and diverse materials, even wine corks! Her lines of jewelry range from vintage to nouveau to aromatherapy. Come into the the shop and see for yourself her eclectic collections!

Check out more of Summer’s work on her Facebook page.

Jody Steensland – Maille and More Chainworks

chainworks-3-200x300My name is Jody Steensland and I create modern day Chainmaille jewelry based on an ancient form of traditional dating as far back as 2500 years; however, now used mainly as underwater protective gear, reenactment scenes, decorative uses (belly dancing) and fine jewelry.
My initial introduction to Chainmaille came when I met my husband 13 years ago. He was wearing a Maille bracelet made of stainless steel rings. I was instantly intrigued and began researching its rich history and modern day uses. Needless to say I began making simple style bracelets for family and friends, but the interest never faded away so a year ago I decided it was time to offer the public my unique creations.

chainworks 1

The materials and tools I use are quite simple: Wire – lots and lots of wire (brass, copper, stainless, but mainly half-hard sterling silver), precision pliers, assorted mandrels, jump ring saw, and jeweler’s tumbler but mainly I invest a great deal of my heart, soul and creativity. Each piece begins as a specified length of wire made into a continuous coil of rings then cut to form individual rings which are then connected one by one to form a unique piece of jewelry like no other.

chainworks 2My jewelry is 100% handmade and cannot be found on any traditional store shelf. Many of the bracelets take 2 to 4 hour to make while the necklaces can take up to 10 hours – both depending on the intricacy of the weave.

chainworks 4Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my passion – If you have any questions or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at You can also find me on Etsy and at my website Maille and More Chainworks.

Anthony Gallaher – Fired Elements

necklaceIn 2008, I was inspired to create a new line of unique handmade jewelry from reclaimed metals and things that others would throw away. After a year of research and development, Fired Elements was born and, in the spring of 2010, this new jewelry became available to the public.





ringset of 3My passion is designing and creating beautiful organic art jewelry from repurposed metals such as copper and Shibuishi, sterling silver, bronze and precious metals.




pendantCuffAnother facet of my designs includes custom fine jewelry including wedding sets, refashioned heirloom pieces, memorial vessels, and much more for those who desire unique adornments of a fine quality precious metal. I work with you personally to create one-of-a-kind signature piece of jewelry.



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Fired Elements

Colleen Lake – Copper Moon Studios

Colleen beautyI started my hobby in stained glass over 30 years ago. When I took my first class, nine years ago, on glass fusing, I fell in love all over again. The two mediums are quite different. With stained glass you know what the final outcome will look like because of the pattern that is done ahead of time. With fusing, you never quite know the outcome until you open the kiln. The full fusing process, takes about 20 hours from beginning to end. With slowly ramping up the temperature, to avoid thermal shock, all the way up to 1490 degrees with different hold temperatures for proper annealing until room temperature. Then the piece goes back into the kiln to be slumped into a mold. This process isn’t as high in temperature, around 1250 degrees, again with the slow ramp up and ramp down.


HappinessThings can go awry if the kiln temperature isn’t correct, or if you have two pieces of glass that aren’t compatible. I find with each firing, I have at least one or two items in the kiln that are an experiment. The possibilities are endless! This is the ‘short story’ of the process of fusing and slumping glass! On October 2011 I took a leap of faith and resigned my position of 10 years in Corporate America & launched my glass business. Considering the state of the economy my timing was a bit challenging…I have learned so much, and keep learning, there are no regrets!


WAVEContact Me:
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See my website! Copper Moon Studios

Ying and Yang

Pauline Ehly – Four Winds Creations

Felted HatsPauline Ehly is the founder of Four Winds Creations she is self-taught as a gardener, basket maker, jewelry designer and fiber felt artist. The later two are her passions…



NecklaceHer affinity for felt-making was apparent from the first time she was introduced to it. She was swept away by the immediate gratification, endless adventures and physicality of felt-making. The natural earthy, organic and ancient origins of the medium appealed to her. Each hat, pair of booties, scarf, hang bag, or garment is a shared product of her intentions, divine inspiration and creativity. As for her jewelry’s one-of-a-kind pieces, she loves to design them and then see the joy in the recipients acquired treasure that they will enjoy for many years. Whether it’s a felted scarf, a crown of glory, pair of booties, home décor items & jewelry to adorn women her art reflects her personality— earthy, adventurous, warm & multifaceted.


PPP_151010_0050Pauline’s finished jewelry & wearable felt art are available through selected galleries & art shows.
For appointments, please call her at 208-263-6275 or 208-290-8762.


Felted Slippers