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Cherylee Duncan – each1unique

pears-2-on-table-julia-child-16I am a mixed media artist whose creative urges have led me to many modes of expression. Time becomes a void when I am creating whether it be painting, carving my own stamps, designing my next rug, collecting images for collage, designing and creating individual greeting cards or experimenting with a new medium.


Oval RugI began crocheting rugs in 2008 using only recycled fabrics. It makes me feel like a pioneer to re-use something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Each rug develops a personality of it’s own, which is why I can’t resist giving each a title.



yupo-poppies-ii-16-1The beautiful threads and bits left from rug making are incorporated into my paintings to emulate some of what I find to be Nature’s own most interesting and inspiring artwork.


other-magnets-2-enjoy-lttl-things-bird-on-tree-6-16Someone once said, “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die” and this applies to me particularly when it comes to my art. Creating is what has always made me feel most connected and most alive in my life.


tree-memory-tree-sample-bkd-cld-11-16Recently I’ve begun making “Memory Trees” as a uniquely personalized gift for special events such as wedding, birth, anniversary or memorial to commemorate the special date, again with the influence of nature at the heart of it.



For more about my art, custom color rug orders and customized Memory Tree paintings, contact Cherylee:, 509-747-0867




Colleen Lake – Copper Moon Studios

Colleen beautyI started my hobby in stained glass over 30 years ago. When I took my first class, nine years ago, on glass fusing, I fell in love all over again. The two mediums are quite different. With stained glass you know what the final outcome will look like because of the pattern that is done ahead of time. With fusing, you never quite know the outcome until you open the kiln. The full fusing process, takes about 20 hours from beginning to end. With slowly ramping up the temperature, to avoid thermal shock, all the way up to 1490 degrees with different hold temperatures for proper annealing until room temperature. Then the piece goes back into the kiln to be slumped into a mold. This process isn’t as high in temperature, around 1250 degrees, again with the slow ramp up and ramp down.


HappinessThings can go awry if the kiln temperature isn’t correct, or if you have two pieces of glass that aren’t compatible. I find with each firing, I have at least one or two items in the kiln that are an experiment. The possibilities are endless! This is the ‘short story’ of the process of fusing and slumping glass! On October 2011 I took a leap of faith and resigned my position of 10 years in Corporate America & launched my glass business. Considering the state of the economy my timing was a bit challenging…I have learned so much, and keep learning, there are no regrets!


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Jan Kruger – Jan designs

jandesignsMy parents were both avid readers and writers by profession so I learned to love the written word very early in life. My favorite present as a child was a new box of crayons and I knew that I wanted to be an artist around age 4. In high school I started taking design and drawing classes and took my first calligraphy class. I could combine my love of words and quotations with design and color! I was forever hooked.

I went on to Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA where I majored in Graphic Communications with a minor in art. I was not able to major in Art because the head of the department thought I had no talent. Every senior art major has their own individual Art Show so I was not able to have one of those either.

heart-courageI formally started my business, Jan designs, in 1979 and I am still creating and loving it 34 years later! (My business name, Jan designs, uses a small “d” because it is a verb, signifying the continual act of designing.)

friendWhat inspires me to create are words that touch my heart. I am an emotional, sensitive person. I think all artists are to some degree. Without that, we could not create. It is in our souls. And it is has been my life journey, with all the joy and pain, that has refined and shaped my art. When people read my work and my sayings, many times it evokes emotion in them. Many times they cry and tell me their stories. I have always felt that my art is not just a business but also a ministry as I listen and express my care, love and concern for them.


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