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Cherylee Duncan – each1unique

pears-2-on-table-julia-child-16I am a mixed media artist whose creative urges have led me to many modes of expression. Time becomes a void when I am creating whether it be painting, carving my own stamps, designing my next rug, collecting images for collage, designing and creating individual greeting cards or experimenting with a new medium.


Oval RugI began crocheting rugs in 2008 using only recycled fabrics. It makes me feel like a pioneer to re-use something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Each rug develops a personality of it’s own, which is why I can’t resist giving each a title.



yupo-poppies-ii-16-1The beautiful threads and bits left from rug making are incorporated into my paintings to emulate some of what I find to be Nature’s own most interesting and inspiring artwork.


other-magnets-2-enjoy-lttl-things-bird-on-tree-6-16Someone once said, “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die” and this applies to me particularly when it comes to my art. Creating is what has always made me feel most connected and most alive in my life.


tree-memory-tree-sample-bkd-cld-11-16Recently I’ve begun making “Memory Trees” as a uniquely personalized gift for special events such as wedding, birth, anniversary or memorial to commemorate the special date, again with the influence of nature at the heart of it.



For more about my art, custom color rug orders and customized Memory Tree paintings, contact Cherylee:, 509-747-0867




Nan Drye – Drye Goods Studio

ScarfI was a retail department manager for sixteen years, first in ready-to-wear (boring!) and then in linens, which I really loved. Probably because it is a lot easier to help someone dress their house instead of their body and it’s issues.


Zen BraceletsI have been sewing since I was six and the linens area inspired me to investigate quilting. It was only a matter of time before the quilting and the garment sewing crossed paths. I had become bored with the commercial patterns available and the more creative ones available at the quilt stores often came with directions that resembled a “list of suggestions” as opposed to actual instructions. I thought, “If I can figure out this mess, why not just start from scratch?” I also remember being influenced by the wearables issues of Fiber Arts magazine.


Drye Beaded ScarfAfter quitting my job I decided to put my life-long love of the visual arts to use. Although I have participated in many of the arts, fiber and fabric were my first loves. Drye Goods was born!


GarmentThe first year as I sat in my booth at various shows I got a really wonderful response to my work, but the appalling comments women made about their own bodies! These were perfectly normal and in many cases beautiful women; if they actually looked as bad as they thought they did we could charge an entry fee to take a look at them! It suddenly occurred to me why ready-to-wear had been such a struggle, the mall tries to fit cookie cutter clothes to a whole bunch of individuals. Being beautiful is not about being a certain size, shape or color. It is about being passionate and engaged in life and wearing clothes that feel great and tell the world about your passions!


Blue ScarfContact Me:

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Nan DryeDrye Nan Black Purse

Pauline Ehly – Four Winds Creations

Felted HatsPauline Ehly is the founder of Four Winds Creations she is self-taught as a gardener, basket maker, jewelry designer and fiber felt artist. The later two are her passions…



NecklaceHer affinity for felt-making was apparent from the first time she was introduced to it. She was swept away by the immediate gratification, endless adventures and physicality of felt-making. The natural earthy, organic and ancient origins of the medium appealed to her. Each hat, pair of booties, scarf, hang bag, or garment is a shared product of her intentions, divine inspiration and creativity. As for her jewelry’s one-of-a-kind pieces, she loves to design them and then see the joy in the recipients acquired treasure that they will enjoy for many years. Whether it’s a felted scarf, a crown of glory, pair of booties, home décor items & jewelry to adorn women her art reflects her personality— earthy, adventurous, warm & multifaceted.


PPP_151010_0050Pauline’s finished jewelry & wearable felt art are available through selected galleries & art shows.
For appointments, please call her at 208-263-6275 or 208-290-8762.


Felted Slippers