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ScarfI was a retail department manager for sixteen years, first in ready-to-wear (boring!) and then in linens, which I really loved. Probably because it is a lot easier to help someone dress their house instead of their body and it’s issues.


Zen BraceletsI have been sewing since I was six and the linens area inspired me to investigate quilting. It was only a matter of time before the quilting and the garment sewing crossed paths. I had become bored with the commercial patterns available and the more creative ones available at the quilt stores often came with directions that resembled a “list of suggestions” as opposed to actual instructions. I thought, “If I can figure out this mess, why not just start from scratch?” I also remember being influenced by the wearables issues of Fiber Arts magazine.


Drye Beaded ScarfAfter quitting my job I decided to put my life-long love of the visual arts to use. Although I have participated in many of the arts, fiber and fabric were my first loves. Drye Goods was born!


GarmentThe first year as I sat in my booth at various shows I got a really wonderful response to my work, but the appalling comments women made about their own bodies! These were perfectly normal and in many cases beautiful women; if they actually looked as bad as they thought they did we could charge an entry fee to take a look at them! It suddenly occurred to me why ready-to-wear had been such a struggle, the mall tries to fit cookie cutter clothes to a whole bunch of individuals. Being beautiful is not about being a certain size, shape or color. It is about being passionate and engaged in life and wearing clothes that feel great and tell the world about your passions!


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