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pit fired potMy love affair with clay began the first time I sat down at the wheel. I was dressed in a suit—a poor choice for a pottery class! Prior to that day, the thought that I might be an artist had never entered my mind. I could not imagine doing anything passable with a paint brush.

Since then, I have created hundreds of pots using a wheel very similar to the one on which I threw my first pot. In addition, I enjoy hand-building and altering thrown forms. I use porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware clays in a variety of applications. Most firing is done in a kiln, but I find the earthy effects created by firing in a pit or saggar most intriguing.

The beauty of the creation around us inspires much of the decoration I add to the forms I create. Florals are a passion, and I really did learn to use a paintbrush! I add interest to my pots in a variety of ways, including impressed work, sgraffito, sprigging, wax resist, and slip.

berry bowl photoEach piece is hand-crafted from start to finish, with careful attention given to each step in the process. This includes throwing or hand-building, trimming, handles or other additions, glazes, bisque and glaze firing, not to mention that final smoothing of the foot so the pot will be kind to your table when you use it. When you purchase one of my pots, you are reaping the investment of many hours of my time and care.

My pottery is functional ware. Each piece has its purpose which, in part, is determined by the person who “adopts” it. While many are intended to be used with food, pit and saggar fired ware are decorative only and are not food safe. My hope is that all of my pots will be used and loved and bring enrichment to the lives of their owners.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. —- John Keats

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