Lowell Simonsen – Wood Circles



lowell 1I began woodturning twenty years ago when I received a lathe as a Christmas gift. I love working in the outdoors and have developed a fine eye for found wood of exceptional artistic quality. I discovered that I could take a tree branch and visualize the bowl, vase, or art piece that is within, just waiting for the lathe to turn away the excess wood surrounding it!


lowell 4I use Nature’s unique markings, what some would call flaws, as artistic elements to create exquisite pieces that are typical of my work. Simply put, the wood speaks to me.


lowell 6I grew up in Southern Idaho and gained a lot of my artistic ability from my Dad. His creativity was prevalent throughout our home in the craftsmanship of the house to the furniture and lamps we used every day. Our walls were adorned with his paintings, pen and ink and carvings.



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