Kristy McCoy – Mica Peak Pottery

tpotI am a potter from Veradale, Washington and have been influenced by life in diverse locales, stretching from Colorado to Cairo; from Bangladesh to Beirut. The mix of American and foreign influences, leavened by extensive travel, graduate study in New Mexico, and a Masters Degree from the tfig1American University in Cairo, is seen in the textures and shapes of my pottery. The earthen, natural tones, and rough surfaces evoke images of distant, past civilizations of the American Indian and the ancient lands of the Middle East and South Asia. Shapes drawn from the daily lives of these peoples are seen in my pottery, hinting at water jugs alongside old wells and cooking pots on open fires. This effect has been achieved through a unique combination of handbuilding and work on the potter’s wheel yielding a truly remarkable cross cultural art form.


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