Judy Meddaugh – Meddaugh Alchemy

Botanical Collage Artist

tbirch_w_mossMy love of gardening led me to a degree in Horticulture and Landscape design. After a ten year career as a landscape designer I decided to continue my love of working with plants as an artist. I am influenced and inspired by nature. My art changes with each new discovery. Through the process of gathering, pressing and designing, visual images are created that reinforce my connection to the seasons and the rhythms of nature. It is my hope that each piece enhances the appreciation and enjoyment of what the earth provides.



My media is two-dimensional collages consisting primarily of pressed plant material with shells, beads, acrylic paint, pastels, and rice paper. I collect and press all flowers, leaves, etc… that are used in my art. All plants are mounted on acid free paper and are applied with archival glue. Beads are both sewn and glued. Any embroidery is done in the traditional method. My designs include abstract designs, animals, Celtic designs, quilt patterns, landscapes scenes and flowers with calligraphy to represent the flowers for seasons, flowers for each month and Zodiac Sun signs.