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Donna is currently on sabbatical and doesn’t have her work in the gallery. We look forward to having her pottery back in 2017.

I make functional pottery that is meant to be used and enjoyed. My work in clay has evolved into two styles. Like the two sides of a coin, quite different in outward appearance but with the same intrinsic value. Part of me is a folk artist capturing on clay, the everyday images of the family cats. But my love of nature and gardening is reflected in my heavily carved and textured vessels.

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Handmade objects have an intrinsic value that no machine made product can achieve. I make functional pottery because I hope to transfer to you, some of the pleasure I’ve experienced in creating a lasting treasure.

spoon holder pitcherFor over 35 years I’ve operated a pottery studio at our home in Medical Lake Washington. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin. I apprenticed as a studio potter with Marv Doering and Graduated from Eastern Washington University I’ve taught Art in public schools, private schools and at the university level. I’ve visited potters in England, France, Greece, and Honduras. But, I studied the work of both contemporary and ancient potters. The unifying theme since the first potter touched clay is to make the perfect pot you’ve just got to touch and enjoy. I have been a member of the Pottery Place Plus since 1984.

They say the clay remembers the hands that made it. Clay has it’s own small voice, and sings.

It is a small sound and always far away, but they say sometimes you hear it.

It’s song has lasted for thousands of years.

-Byrd Baylor

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