Dave & Liz Ulmen – Woodworking


WW AND CHEESE CLASSICLiz and I spend a great deal of time in our shop in Washington State with our cat, Killer and her Border Collie nemesis, Scout. We are mostly intact survivors of elementary gifted and middle school teaching – thirty-plus years and still going strong. (This may explain why Dave enjoys combining his hobbies of home brewing and power tools) We love creating functional work that is pleasing to the eye and hand. Since our glasses are usually covered in sawdust, we rely on the natural tones and grains of a variety of hardwoods to speak for themselves. All colors are natural – no dyes or stains are used. Our work uses post-production materials from other sources and lots of little leftovers of our own, preserving resources and making life easier for the dumpster guys.


Coaster-BundlesOur work includes interesting and clever bottle balances called The Wine Wave, an extensive range of cheese and cutting boards, coasters, hair pins, as well as custom work. We have designed and placed custom wood counter tops in beautiful homes from L.A. to La Connor. We also combine the beauty of wood with Liz’s raku pottery in lovely hangings. If you enjoy fine wood work, you are sure to find just the right piece for your home or that essential gift in our display. If you don’t, contact us for custom possibilities.


Contact me: 509-710-2514

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