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Colleen beautyI started my hobby in stained glass over 30 years ago. When I took my first class, nine years ago, on glass fusing, I fell in love all over again. The two mediums are quite different. With stained glass you know what the final outcome will look like because of the pattern that is done ahead of time. With fusing, you never quite know the outcome until you open the kiln. The full fusing process, takes about 20 hours from beginning to end. With slowly ramping up the temperature, to avoid thermal shock, all the way up to 1490 degrees with different hold temperatures for proper annealing until room temperature. Then the piece goes back into the kiln to be slumped into a mold. This process isn’t as high in temperature, around 1250 degrees, again with the slow ramp up and ramp down.


HappinessThings can go awry if the kiln temperature isn’t correct, or if you have two pieces of glass that aren’t compatible. I find with each firing, I have at least one or two items in the kiln that are an experiment. The possibilities are endless! This is the ‘short story’ of the process of fusing and slumping glass! On October 2011 I took a leap of faith and resigned my position of 10 years in Corporate America & launched my glass business. Considering the state of the economy my timing was a bit challenging…I have learned so much, and keep learning, there are no regrets!


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