Cherylee Duncan – each1unique

pears-2-on-table-julia-child-16I am a mixed media artist whose creative urges have led me to many modes of expression. Time becomes a void when I am creating whether it be painting, carving my own stamps, designing my next rug, collecting images for collage, designing and creating individual greeting cards or experimenting with a new medium.


Oval RugI began crocheting rugs in 2008 using only recycled fabrics. It makes me feel like a pioneer to re-use something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Each rug develops a personality of it’s own, which is why I can’t resist giving each a title.



yupo-poppies-ii-16-1The beautiful threads and bits left from rug making are incorporated into my paintings to emulate some of what I find to be Nature’s own most interesting and inspiring artwork.


other-magnets-2-enjoy-lttl-things-bird-on-tree-6-16Someone once said, “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die” and this applies to me particularly when it comes to my art. Creating is what has always made me feel most connected and most alive in my life.


tree-memory-tree-sample-bkd-cld-11-16Recently I’ve begun making “Memory Trees” as a uniquely personalized gift for special events such as wedding, birth, anniversary or memorial to commemorate the special date, again with the influence of nature at the heart of it.



For more about my art, custom color rug orders and customized Memory Tree paintings, contact Cherylee:, 509-747-0867