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Tureen Red My first encounter with clay was in high school art class in Worthington, Ohio. I was signed up for a drawing class but happened to wander into the clay studio one day. The minute I touched the clay, I knew that was what I wanted to do. In 1983, I decided to pursue my long-held interest in clay and started by taking a course at the Spokane Art School. Over the years I have attended many workshops, however, I am mostly self-taught. I’ve learned by reading, examining other pots, and talking with other artists. My father, a fellow potter, also inspired me.


Amy Wharf Bowl Large Green Fluted 251-EditIn 1990 I established Peone Creek Pottery at my home in Mead, Washington. In the years that have followed I have been an exhibitor at many of the local and regional arts and crafts festivals and have participated in workshops and demonstrations. Since June 2000 I have been a member of the Pottery Place Plus artist cooperative in Spokane, Washington where my pottery is on display year-round. My website,, also provides images of a good sampling of my pottery and a way to contact me.


I have found great satisfaction in learning to use clay as a medium of personal expression. I am always learning new techniques; always experimenting with new shapes. Being a potter is an amazing, never-ending journey.



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