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April 2016 – Toni Spencer Batiks

Toni Spencer is our Guest Artistis for the month of April. Stop by for the reception and meet Toni and see her work:

Birds and Bikes


April 1st, From 5-9 PM

About Toni

Toni has been showing her batiks as Guest Artist at PPP for many years. All her batiks start with her original drawings, which are often inspired by the shapes and colors of nature.

A resident of the Northwest since 1979 and of Idaho since 2001, Toni has taken part in art shows from Alaska to California for more than 30 years.


About Batik

BatikBatik is a “resist” technique. Melted wax is applied to the fabric, then the fabric is dipped in dye (the waxed areas “resist” the dyes). The fabric is allowed to dry before repeating the process again for each color in the design working from the lightest color to the darkest.

Care and planning must be taken with choice of colors because each new color mixes with the previous colors in the unwaxed areas. Mysterious and almost magical changes occur when waxed fabrics are dipped into different color baths.

The crackle or veining that appears in most Batiks is caused when the wax cracks and allows the dye to penetrate to the fabric. After the final color is applied, the wax is removed and the piece is ready for presentation.


See more of her work on her website!

March 2016 – Jan Designs

The Guest Artist Show for the month of March will feature Jan Kruger and her new collection of works…

Letter Play


Artist Jan Kruger combines the art forms of Acrylic painting and the bold marks of Calligraphy to create one of a kind art pieces.

Jan is a regular Visiting Artist in our gallery. We are excited to be showing her special collection for the month of March at the Guest Artist Show. Come and meet her at our First Friday Reception on March 4, 2016 from 5-10 PM



Tumbling-lettersJan was first introduced to Calligraphy during high school and she has continued to study in many design and calligraphy courses since then including classes at The Spokane Art School,   The Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, and many Calligraphy conventions and workshops including a year long study in Seattle in 1995.

Calligraphic lettering has many other uses than the manuscript writing of the Middle Ages.  It has become an art form all its own.  Calligraphy today combines many other types of art such as handmade paper, paper marbling, collage, watercolor painting, gold leafing, and acrylic painting.  Many of these different art forms can be seen in Jan’s artwork as she combines her love of color and painting with letters to design one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Jan has exhibited at The Spokane Art School, The Corbin Art School, Show of Hands Gallery, Northwest Artist’s, and various banks, libraries and wineries.

She has been a member or guest artist at Pottery Place Plus for many years.

Jan is the owner of    Jan designs, a graphic design firm started in 1979 located in North Spokane.  There she produces one -of-a-kind calligraphic artwork as well as a line of verses and sayings, dream books, canvasses and greeting cards.

She is also the author of a published book.

To see more of Jan’s collections visit her website.

February 2015 – Dan Wallat & John Rokus

Our February Guest Artists have a variety of works that is sure to be of interest to everyone. Come by the shop First Friday, February 5th to meet each artist personally and see their exclusive works! Remember, they will be here all month…


Dan Wallat

Dan has lived in the Spokane area all his life. His connection with nature was formed from years spent backpacking, camping, and fishing in the Northwest. He enjoys painting his favorite images from the locations he’s visited. Since his retirement in 2012, he’s been studying oil painting under local western artist, Joe Kronenberg. He continues to strive to improve as an artist in capturing the natural beauty around us.







John Rokus SculptureJohn Rokus does steel sculpture – you have to see it to believe it! Sophisticated and fun all at the same time!

This is what John tells us about himself:

Born native to Oregon in 1971.
Lived in most of the western states, Portugal and Cape Verde Islands.
Lifetime avid creator and recycler.
God fearing Father of 3 and Husband of 1 true love.
Steel, Stone and all things everlasting are my favorite mediums.
Sound, movement and esthetics are found in my works which range from Harmonics to Hot Rods.

John Rokus Sculpture 1

The majority of my inspiration comes from the desire to create that which has never been created before.

January & February 2016 – Garden Party Fibers

imageJuaquetta Holcomb is back this year for the months of January and February with her wonderful handspun yarns and garments. You can find her frequently in the shop on weekends with her wheel spinning and fleece being spun into her beautiful skeins of yarn.

imageJuaquetta says: I learned to spin in the early 1990’s while living in Minnesota. I have been teaching knitting and sewing my entire life, with a Home Economics degree from Iowa State University providing a good foundation. I taught myself spinning for a few years, and then as spinning became more popular I took many workshops from famous teachers in spinning special fibers, different techniques and dye workshops.

Now living outside Spokane Washington my spinning has grown into a business I call Garden Party Fibers, this reflects my favorite place to spin, out in my gardens overlooking the mountains of north Idaho. I use wool, alpaca and mohair from local sheep growers.

imageA typical day finds me home washing wool, immersing it into roasters of colorful dyes. Most yarns I use only a picker for processing before spinning on my Louet wheel. This minimum processing helps preserve the beauty of the fiber and keeps the colors distinct. Each skein is about 3 hours work and most are put into 105 yard skeins.

imageThese yarns can be found at many yarn shops, local NW art festivals and weekends I set up my booth at the Kootenai County farmers market in Coeurd’Alene Idaho. I have designed many unique garment patterns for you to knit or crochet with these rustic yarns. My yarns have inspired many to take up their needles and knit again. Knitters can’t wait to knit with these unique rustic yarns and spinners find themselves experimenting with some rustic yarns of their own.

You can contact me at:



Etsy: GardenPartyFibers.etsy

Phone: 509-290-0151

December 2015 – Spokane Jeweler’s Guild

Jeweler's Guild3The shop is honored to host the Guild again this December. The group is made up of Spokane’s premier artisan jewelers working in a wide variety of materials, styles and techniques.


Jeweler's Guild2Meet the participating members during the First Friday Reception, December 4th 5pm-10pm. Along with our regular jewelers, Fired Elements, Maille and More Chainworks, Coppermoon Studio, Four Winds Creations and Rainy Summer Designs the addition of the Guild makes The Pottery Place Plus the go-to destination for all your fine jewelry purchases this holiday season.

Jeweler's Guild 4

November 2015 – Patricia Barkley and John Blessent

Silver Set
blue necklacePatricia Barkley
will be showing her magical leaded glass snowflakes and John Blessent will be presenting his one of a kind silver art jewelry.



Meet them both Friday, November 6th from 5-10pm at the First Friday Reception.

Necklace Set


October 2015 – The Inland Northwest Wood Turners

The exhibit by the Inland Northwest Woodturners shows a wide diversity of techniques and styles. All pieces are made by shaping wood spinning on a lathe. The display will include utilitarian items with clean simple lines, pieces made from highly figured hardwoods, segmented vessels with intricate geometric patterns and pieces turned from a burl resulting in organic shapes with piercings and bark remnants. All pieces are handsomely finished to accentuate the grain, color and shading of the wood.



Inland NW Wood Turners 2


September 2015 – Dan Miller

Dan Miller Truck 2Lost Light by Dan Miller

From his eyes, and through the lens, let Dan Miller take you to the places of “Lost Light” in Cuba, Mesa Verde National Park, ghost towns and the urban Northwest. Come experience the emotional connection Dan has developed with every image in his collection. Meet the artist at the First Friday reception, September 4th from 5-10pm. 203 N Washington, Downtown Spokane.


Dan Miller Window LightDan says of his work:

I’ve always been fascinated by derelict buildings and ghost towns. Shooting the Bodie ghost town in California, historic cemeteries and ramshackle buildings in urban centers throughout the Northwest.

In May 2011 I had the honor of being selected for the artist in residence program at Mesa Verde National Park. In February of 2015 I travelled to Havana and Trinidad Cuba to photograph the rich culture, architecture and people before Cuba becomes officially open. I have been taking pictures since I was nine. I’ve been a commercial photographer and co-taught field, studio and darkroom workshops.



Dan Miller Auto




August 2015 – Linda Garratt

Of Monsters and Myths

Come meet Linda Garratt at our First Friday reception on

August 7th, from 5:00-9:00pm.

Pottery Place Plus 203 N. Washington (adjacent to Aunties Books).

Call 509-327-6920 for further information.

Of Monsters & Myths 2Linda, a longtime member of the shop, says of her work:
“Stories of other times and places, myth and legend have always fascinated me. For this show I have embraced theses stories; creating free standing sculptures, wall pieces of winged dragons, mere people and other creatures of my imagination.

Of Monsters & Myths 3I use slabs of clay to build my pieces starting from the bottom, and working up. They are hollow inside, so I work by keeping the clay moist and soft enough to continue building upward, while letting the piece harden enough to hold up the weight of the work.
I studied under Bill Sage at Eastern Washington University and graduated with a B.A. in Art. I became a member of the Pottery Place Plus in August of 1979.”

Of Monsters& Myths 4

July 2015 – Anthony Gallaher

“I Dream in Color”

I Dream in ColorAnthony Gallaher, a long time member of the cooperative, is known for his beautiful sculptural jewelry, “Fired Elements”. He has been exploring mixed media two dimensional painting in his new body of work “Fresco Elements”. The Pottery Place Plus is honored to present his new works. Please come and meet Anthony at his reception, Friday July 3rd from 5:00-9:00pm.

Anthony GallaherAnthony says about his work: “My inspiration comes from history, nature and a real desire to appeal to the viewer by sharing my heart and soul with a surge of colors, movement and textures. I believe that art lives in the heart and soul of an artist, and there are as yet undiscovered avenues by which to express the labyrinth of creativity hidden within. I am color-blind and can only imagine the hues of green and red, peach, yellow and gray. I hope that what I can see with my heart will be pleasing to those who can enjoy the colors and personality of my work.”