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October 2017 – Alice Nelson



Alice has been creating art from nature for as long as she can remember. Pine Needle Basketry became her main medium around 1980, but she also enjoys creating from wheat, gourds and corn husks. Alice was a member of Pottery Place Plus for many years and is excited to return as the guest artist.

Alice says she will spend some afternoons at the shop working on her baskets and is looking forward to seeing many old and new friends!

June 2017- Test Post

Here is a photo of the full moon

Photo above

April 2017- Toni Spencer

“It’s All About Color”

Batiks 2017

Awesome Crow Batik


Toni Spencer has been showing her batiks as Guest Artist at PPP for many years.  A resident of the Northwest since1979 and of Idaho since 2001, she has taken part in art shows from Alaska to California for more than 30 years.   All her batiks start with original drawings often inspired by the shapes and colors of nature.  They may start there but sometimes they take on a life of their own and turn out very different than originally planned.  The batiks are created with either silk Broadcloth or a silk Jacquard.  A wax mixture is used as a resist and vats of dye are used to apply the color,  working from the lightest color to the darkest. The distinctive crackle found in batiks is created when the wax cracks and allows the dye to penetrate to the fabric. Some of the crackle happens on it’s own and some are manipulated to add to the design.

Come and meet Toni and some of our member artists at our First Friday reception on Friday, April 7th, 2017.  5-9 p.m.   Fabulous chocolate chip cookies and other goodies will be provided.

December 2016 – Spokane Jeweler’s Guild

Jeweler's Guild3The shop is honored to host the Guild again this December. The group is made up of Spokane’s premier artisan jewelers working in a wide variety of materials, styles and techniques.

Jeweler's Guild2Meet the participating members during the

First Friday Reception

December 2nd 5pm 9pm.


Along with our regular jewelers, Fired Elements, Maille and More Chainworks, Coppermoon Studio, Four Winds Creations and Rainy Summer Designs the addition of the Guild makes The Pottery Place Plus the go-to destination for all your fine jewelry purchases this holiday season.


Jeweler's Guild 4

November 2016 – John Blessent & Hannah Charlton

The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of November  are:

John Blessent


Hannah Charlton

* * *

Come and meet the artists at our


November 4, 2016 from 5-9 PM

Join us, meet the artists and find out how they create their unique pieces of art.

At 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore in the Liberty Building

John Blessent blue necklaceJohn Blessent

John Blessent set

Teaching art his entire life, at Mead High School and as adjunct art professor at Whitworth College, John has concentrated on one of a kind jewelry since his retirement from teaching. Using texture and color he creates stunning and unique jewelry.

Hannah Charlton


Hannah Charlton’s internship at the Grunewald Guild in Plain, WA fueled her interest in traditional art forms and the relationships between art and faith. Hannah then began to study medieval art in earnest, focusing on illuminated manuscripts. She has continued to make commissioned pieces and most recently passages from The Book of the City of Ladies, a 15th-century feminist book on great women in history.

October 2016 – Neil Clemons & Joanne Wissink

The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of October are:

Neil Clemons

Neil Clemons pairs his photographic artistry with verse to create “those moments” in print.

Joanne Wissink

Joanne Wissink bends leather as if clay to form beautiful images on leather for adornments for any season.

Come and meet the artists at our

First Friday Reception

October 7, 2016 from 5-9 PM

At 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore in the Liberty Building

Neil Clemons 

neil-clemonsThink of me as a hyphenated artist–a Writer-Photographer. This isn’t a “job” or a “career.” Playful art is my passion. Photography in my 70s is fun–whimsical, expressive, explorative. I play when I use my camera and again when I edit images on the computer. As I marry visual images with poems, quotes, and pithy ideas, again I am playing: seeking to amplify and deepen the art of word-image compositions. With photography I celebrate life; each image is meant as an invitation to participate in this spirit-lifting enterprise.

Joanne Wissink

I have always been a “maker.”

joanne-wissinkCrafting as a child, then sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and painting as an adult. But my leather adventure began when I met a rancher/ cowboy from Montana. He taught me how to tie rope halters, and as I worked, he made leather and rope items for horsemen. Leftover leather scraps, and a desire to try something new, led to a world of hides, dyes tools hardware and experimentation. He doesn’t have enough scraps for me any longer…..
I love the smell and the feel of leather, and unrolling a new hide for the first time, revealing it’s smooth surface, and ragged edges. I love the way it takes dyes differently with each new hide. It lends itself to individuality, and this quality remains essential to my mission. Each bracelet is cut and beveled, burnished, cased and stamped (or tooled), dyed and waxed, completely by hand. Whether it is tooledjoanne-wissink-leather or stamped, a cuff or a beveled and burnished double or triple wrap, each step is taken with the goal of bringing out the best in that morsel of le Each cuff makes a statement, and the wraps are versatile, flexible and fun! The way leather softens and warms when worn, or stays curved when you take it off, and the way each person gives it a patina that is unique to the wearer.

August 2016 – Robin Milligan

The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of August is Robin Milligan.

Come and meet our artist at our

First Friday Reception


August 5, 2016 from 5-9 PM

At 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore in the Liberty Building

Robin Milligan

RobinMilliganRobin Milligan 2“I’ve never been bothered by being up to my elbows in mud. The earthy smell of wet clay and the feel of it on my hands remind me of being a kid and playing in the mud. The process of art making is meditation for me. All of the stresses of the week melt away into the piece I’m currently involved with. Each piece is an extension of me, a piece of myself, as I believe most art is for its creator. My art works are the transmutations of my experiences and being into objects, creating a kind of storage space for the old, and making room for the new.”

July 2016 – Fran Summerday & Daris Judd

The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of July are Fran Sommerday and Daris Judd.

Come and meet our artists at our

First Friday Reception

Images and dreams

July 1, 2016 from 5-9 PM

Watery abstract paintings filled with depth and color.

Unique color and images on leather.

at 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore.

Fran Sommerday

FranSummerday2-copyFran creates one-of-a-kind beautiful wearable lightweight jewelry byFranSummerday3 utilizing leather that has been previously used for various means (clothing attire / upholstered furnishings / bags etc) as well as re-purposing excess leather and jewelry components. Highly fashionable for all ages and clothing styles,Fran’s jewelry is affordable and unique…. always an eye catcher and conversation piece!FranSummerday1-copy


Daris Judd



Daris is a multi-media artist who draws her inspiration from being

DarisJudd-copygrounded with the earth. As she says, “Nature gives us color, shape and a multitude of design possibilities. I feel my job is to use my intuition to process and present and to ignite the imagination.”



June 2016 – Larry Bergman & Staci Schubert

The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of June will feature Larry Bergman and Staci Schubert.


Come and meet our artists at our

First Friday Reception

June 3, 2016 from 5-9 PM

Leather and Ink

at 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore.


B-17-Over-Berlin BergmanArtist Larry Bergman creates pen and ink drawings drawings, incorporating geometric lines, random graphics and images drawn with minute pen strokes.

Over a period of fifty plus years, he has dabbled in art using pencil, pastels and ink. Larry was unable to seriously develop what has clearly become a passion until after retirement in 2012. Talent that had lain dormant surfaced and since then he’s dedicated his time to his love of pen and ink drawing. Themes vary and germinate from anything that piques his interest and captures his imagination at the time. Larry’s Enola-Gay-B-29 Bergmancomplex pen and ink drawings incorporate geometric lines, random graphics and images drawn with minute pen strokes.

Larry’s background has included serving in the U.S. Navy, being a disc jockey, owning his own radio production company and insurance sales and training, all of which in some form utilized his creativity. He thoroughly has enjoyed bicycle touring and backpacking with his wife and friends and, though he no longer backpacks, he loves hiking in the great outdoors and scrapbooking.




Staci Schubert’s art is a collaboration of nature and culture, a meeting point between urban-luxe and funky country. Staci was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City and came to age in the grunge-sleek decade that defined her generation. Like her personality, her art is both classic and current, a combination of fast paced sleek meets rural chic. Staci moved west in 1993, to Laguna Beach, after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in graphic design. After a few years in the fast paced fashion industry, collaborating with design houses Roxy and Harley Davidson, Staci developed her rough and sexy approach to accessory design. “I wanted to give the “soft core (not raging, but not popcorn)” girls a venue to express their sexiness,” Schubert says, “Lot’s of girls like being soft and sexy, but also like to find their edge. I like to design my products to that “edge.” That is why I use leather and incorporate WOOD, metal and bone elements into my designs. I also use that same premise when designing my leather cuffs, they aren’t bracelets, that’s just too . . . nice.”

Schubert-dragon-cuffUsing her success as a designer in the high pressure world of So Cal fashion, she decided to “go rogue” and develop her own line of high-end handbags, sourced from the best leather available on the free-trade market. Quality of goods, and quality of life of those who provide them, is a high priority for Staci, and she makes sure all of her products are produced with integrity, which is why she is a “small batch” producer, emphasizing quality over volume. Staci found a receptive audience in the Laguna arts community, receiving a commission to design her bags for the cast of “Queer Eye for the straight guy” as well as being a featured artist at the Sawdust Festival and being published in both Newport Coast Magazine and the LA Times as a distinguished artist.

Schubert-wrap-cuffNow located in Sandpoint, Idaho, Staci incorporates the wildness of the nature she thrives in, into her designs. Staci’s unique artistic process combines both new world technology and old world techniques. Contemporary graphics, custom dye process & custom color process are evident in her works. Her leather bag & jewelry lines fuse Old World aesthetics with New World fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique and relevant, wearable works of art.



Staci is devoted to the development of both her fashion lines: her boho jewelry which includes innovative collections such as LOVE | MIX CULTURE | and FLOWER OF LIFE | Leather Bracelets and Exotic Wood Necklaces, in addition to her fine leather handbag collection.

May 2016 – Kathy Lieggi

Kathy Lieggi is our Guest Artistis for the month of April. Stop by for the reception and meet Kathy and see her work:


April 1st, From 5-9 PM


KathyLieggi2Kathy Lieggi has been repurposing vintage silverplate and glassware since 2003. When Kathy was a young child, her grandmother encouraged her creative spirit and ignited her interest in arts and crafts. Grandma Margaret was a competent artist with an eye for reusing everyday household items, turning them into beautiful and often functional pieces of art. Kathy has followed her lead and now repurposes found items giving them new life. Her beautiful wind chimes are made from vintage silverplate. The utensils are carefully chosen to enhance the featured piece from which they hang. She uses nylon coated steel wire in her work giving them durability to last many years in the outdoors. Each wind chime is a unique creation, with its own sound and personality. Kathy’s wind chimes will surely add character and charm to your home or garden. Likewise, her wire wrapped glass luminaries and vases are created without the aid of jigs or dies. Kathy bends each piece of wire by hand, employing a small pair of needle-nosed pliers as her only aid. She carefully chooses each set of beads to embellish and enhance the glassware. These pieces are designed to bring color, elegance, and whimsy to your homes’ interior. In honor of Kathy’s grandmother mentioned above, she has named her business Maggie May Collection.KathyLieggi3